April 24, 2024

Ofcom Rules That Holmes and Icke Both “Bellends”

The broadcasting watchdog, Ofcom, has issued a formal response to recent on-air comments made by This Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes and the conspiracy theorist, David Icke.

In an unusually strong rebuke the regulator stated that both were “total and utter bellends” and that their respective comments amounted to “the biggest pile of sh*te ever to be suggested on TV”.

(Ofcom did caveat their statement by adding that this excluded the “daily bullsh*t” that comes from the mouth of President Trump.)

NEWS of the NEWS reached out to Mr Holmes for comment but has not as yet received a response. David Icke was prepared to provide us with a statement but we respectfully declined as, frankly, we really don’t want to be associated with the fruitcake.

So, do you believe that 5G is responsible for Covid-19 or, like most people with an IQ above 70, do you think it’s a steaming pile of paranoid horse sh*t dreamed up by right-wing loons? Let us know.