April 24, 2024

2019-20 Premier League Season “Should Be Cancelled” Say Unbiased Fans

Whilst the footballing authorities consider whether or not to continue with the current Premier League season, NEWS of the NEWS canvassed the opinion of football fans up and down the country.

Our reporters spoke to Dave “Dixie” Dean (52), a self-proclaimed “fan of football” from Walton in Liverpool who says he has no affiliation to any particular club:

“I think the answer’s simple”, said Dean. “We cancel this season and start again, you know, when the world gets back to normal.”

NEWS of the NEWS asked Dean how Liverpool fans would feel if that decision was made by the Premier League.

“Look, as you know I don’t follow a particular team and I do realise that fans of the redsh… I mean of Liverpool FC would be gutted but, being brutally honest, tough! Some things are more important than footy. I mean, think of the elderly and, er, those with, er, underlying health conditions that need to be protected. The Kopites would just need to suck it up like the rest of us.”

His sentiments were echoed by Arsene Williams (22), a football mad north Londoner who, like Dean, doesn’t follow a specific club.

“I love football and would like nothing more than to see matches back on the TV”, said Williams, “but we’ve got to do the right thing and that means cancelling the season. I know fans of at least one team would whinge, to be honest when don’t they, but what’s right is right and stopping them from winn… I mean stopping the spread of Coronavirus has got to be our goal.”

Back in the north of England, football obsessed neutral, Bryan Robson (40) of Salford, shared his unbiased thoughts with our reporter:

“It’s hard not being able to watch football on the telly right now, it really is. It’s what I live for, you know, what with me being a fan of the beautiful game rather than of a particular club. But anyone that says the season should carry on is being selfish and now is not the time for selfishness.”

NEWS of the NEWS asked Robson how he would feel if, rather than being a fan of football itself, he followed Liverpool FC.

“Look, I know them dirty scous… I mean them Liverpool fans would find it tough, I do. But there are more important things than football and trophies right now.”

Robson’s caution probably goes further than most. He suggests delaying the next Premier League season until 2024 which, ironically, coincides with the end of Liverpool FC manager Jürgen Klopp’s current contract.

“I just think we need to be really, really cautious”, he added. “And anyway, Steven Gerrard’s contract with Glasgow Rangers runs out that year so he’d be a shoe-in for the job if Bugs Bunny decided to move on.”