June 15, 2024

BBC TV presenter accused of having a private life, doing things that were completely legal, and generally acting in a way that had zero effect on viewers 

A key member of the BBC’s news team has been accused of acting in a manner that was perfectly legal; which had no effect whatsoever on viewers; and that took place whilst ‘off-duty’ at home during what has been described as his ‘personal life’. 

The report, originally published by a UK tabloid with an exemplary record when it comes to factual accuracy, and which itself has no axe to grind against the BBC or any other organisation considered by those on the right to be liberal, suggests that the ‘household name’ presenter – who this publication refuses to name – accessed a legally available dating site, made contact with at least one fully-grown adult, and then took part in various exchanges with them in a manner that was fully consensual.

Following such inflammatory revelations, News of the News sought comment from a number of key figures that have held public office and acted without reproach, including former Prime Minister Boris Johnson; the current head of the British Monarchy – and former husband of outcast ‘Queen of Hearts’ Diana Princess of Wales – King Charles III; and that toffee-nosed prick, Matt Hancock. Needless to say, we have yet to receive a response from any of their representatives.