April 24, 2024

Disney+ to air 24 part series chronicling the exploits of Chewbacca’s left testicle

Streaming platform Disney+ has denied sucking the Star Wars franchise dry with the announcement that it is soon to release a spin-off based on the adventures of Wookiee side-kick Chewbacca’s left gonad.

A spokesperson for the company producing the series told NEWS of the NEWS:

“We think fans young and old will love the new series. It recounts the events immediately following the medal ceremony at the end of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (George Lucas fucked-around-with gratuitous CGI version v7.0), when Chewbacca decides to leave Han, Leia and Luke, and try his luck as an intergalactic cabaret performer.”

“The testicular perspective gives the whole thing a novel twist which we think will surprise many viewers.”

He went on:

“Those accusing us of milking the franchise dry will also find what happens to Chewie’s left plum in episode 9 more than a little ironic!”