April 24, 2024

ITV’s Euro 2020 pundits voted ‘most punchable’

An online poll conducted by NEWS of the NEWS has concluded that ITV’s main football pundits are the easiest to dislike.

Whilst the BBC’s panel members were described by many as ‘bland’ and ‘boring’, ITV’s pairing of Graeme Souness and Roy Keane certainly seems to have got the blood pumping, with many using adjectives like ‘punchable’, ‘twatable’, ‘stabable’ and even ‘murderable’. 

A spokesperson for ITV responded to our poll with the following statement:

“When choosing its Euro 2020 pundit line-up, ITV never thought to consider their relative popularity with the viewing public. Being honest, we don’t really know much about sport and only get involved during major tournaments when the advertising revenue is fucking enormous. We actually just Googled “famous ex-footballer TV pundits” and then went for the ones that were available. In our defence, it really doesn’t matter anyway as they only get 30 seconds to talk before we abruptly interrupt them and cut to 10 minutes of commercials. Plus, did I mention that the advertising revenue is fucking huge?”