May 18, 2024

New generation of England fans learns meaning of the phrase ‘It’s the hope that kills you’

A whole new generation woke this morning to a sensation that the rest of us long since grew accustomed to.

Kyle Jones (23) from Birkenhead told us:

“My dad kept saying, ‘don’t get your hopes up son, they’ll probably lose the final’. I took no notice as I thought he was wrong like he is about most things. Turns out he was right about this one though. God it hurts!”

Jayden Marsh (19) from Stockport was similarly shaken:

“I’m a Man City fan so I’m used to winning. I never thought for a second that we’d lose the final, it didn’t cross my mind. I’ve even had a picture of Raheem Sterling wearing an England shirt tattooed on my back. Christ, I feel sick!” 

Alfie Shaw (13) from Bradford summed it up for most of us:

“Muuuuuuuum, make it better… please!”