May 18, 2024

TV Pundits Vote Liverpool FC “Greatest Football Club Of All Time”

Following much deliberation, football pundits past and present from the likes of Sky, BT Sport and the BBC have unanimously declared Liverpool FC ‘Greatest Football Club of All Time’.

The group spokesman, Jamie Carragher, told NEWS of the NEWS: “When we were deliberating over which club was the greatest in history, we all agreed to put any personal allegiances to one side. We also wanted to take into consideration factors other than on-pitch performance which I think we would all concede is not the be-all and end-all.”

He went on: “That automatically eliminated Manchester United, who might otherwise have been expected to come out on top in our poll. There was only spitting distance between the two clubs but we just didn’t feel that United were as ‘special’ as Liverpool who, as I’m sure you’d agree, have a certain magic about them which is absent from other clubs.”

Liverpool FC will be presented with the ‘Greatest Football Club of All Time’ Award later this year at an event that will be attended by Carragher along with the other pundits that were involved in the voting process: Jamie Redknapp, Steve McManaman, Graeme Souness, Phil Thompson, Mark Lawrensen, Danny Murphy, Alan Hansen and Michael Owen.

NEWS of the NEWS understands that in recognition of the award, Liverpool FC will be given automatic entry into the knock-out stages of The Champions League each year, and that the FA will formalise what has already become common practice amongst referees, namely giving Liverpool FC the benefit of any decisions that would swing a close match in their favour.