April 24, 2024

Woman who just got back from a run desperate to tell you the route she took

A woman who just got back from a 2¼ mile run literally cannot wait to tell anyone who’s prepared to listen about the route she took.

Sarah Ashton from Surrey panted as she told NEWS of the NEWS: 

“I’ve just been for a run and I feel fantastic. I turned left out of our cul-de-sac, ran up the main road to the lights and then turned right. You know, the road that’s on quite a steep incline? Anyway, I kept going up there to the church and then cut across the park. The grass was quite wet which made it heavy going but it felt quite nice and refreshing at the same time.”

After pausing for breath, she continued:

“I then had to cross the road by the school but fortunately the lights were in my favour and I literally shot across. I sprinted the last 100 yards to our house too. Gosh, I feel soooo great!”