July 14, 2024

Bloke who secretly despises his job receives cufflinks, pen and a tie-clip for his birthday 

A man who outwardly appears to be the epitome of white collar success but who secretly cries on his way to work, has received a selection of ‘silver-plated shit’ from his oblivious loved-ones, to be used whilst there.

Gary Foden from Worcester told NEWS of the NEWS:

“For some reason everyone wants to define me by the job I’m forced to do five days a week rather than the person that I am. I know my family are proud of what I’ve achieved but, really, why buy me a monogrammed tie-clip when I’d much rather have literally anything else?!”

“My birthday was meant to give me a day-off from thinking about the office. Instead, the opening of each present made another little part of me die inside. I’m also now worrying if that big client order got completed on time and whether I should cancel my Summer holiday so that I can spend more time in work. Please God, make it stop!”