April 24, 2024

“Nice Guy Driving A BMW” Actually Normal Bloke Borrowing W***** Boss’s Car

Following reports from Wilmslow of a BMW driver allowing other motorists to pull out in front of him and generally being courteous, NEWS of the NEWS can report that the man was not in fact the owner of the car.

Our reporters tracked down the driver, Paul Kingsley, to his rented Cheshire home. Kingsley, a Team Leader at a Manchester based finance broker, confirmed that he was actually borrowing his manager’s car as his own had been written off.

He went on to explain that his boss had recently been banned from driving following an “incident” outside a primary school that left four in intensive care and that he had kindly allowed Kingsley to “borrow” the car provided he covered the monthly lease payments.

Kingsley mused: “It’s interesting but the longer I drive the car the more I’ve got this overpowering urge to act like an utter c**k!”

NEWS of the NEWS approached BMW for their comments but has not as yet received a reply.