May 18, 2024

Middle Class Woman “Traumatised” After Exercising Without Wearing FitBit

43 year old Finance Manager, Anna Hancock, told NEWS of the NEWS,

“I’d taken my FitBit off because I needed to reach behind the back of the sofa for one of my AirPods. I don’t know how it happened but I then went out for a 10k run without putting it back on. I really can’t believe it! I mean, that’s at least 1,200 calories and 18,000 steps that weren’t logged! I’m dreading next Tuesday’s email from FitBit giving me a breakdown of the previous week’s activity. I could cry, I really could!

NEWS of the NEWS did point out to Ms Hancock that you can manually add any unrecorded exercise via the fitness tracker app. She responded by saying that it was “not the same” and that we should “f*** off” if we weren’t going to be more supportive.

If you’ve had a similar experience or been affected by the content of this article then contact our ‘First World Problems’ helpline.

(NEWS of the NEWS would like to point out that other fitness trackers are available.)