February 29, 2024

Bloke still convinced his stag do will go ahead

A man who excitedly booked his stag do almost 12 months ago and has looked forward to it ever since still thinks it’s going to happen.

29 year old Tom Harvey from Derby told NEWS of the NEWS:

“I know Coronavirus has put a stop to most things but life’s pretty much returning to normal now, isn’t it? Anyway, we don’t fly until the first week of July so that’s plenty of time for the airlines to start running, the government to cancel the 14 day quarantine restrictions and for the city we’re staying in to open to British tourists.”

Harvey’s optimism isn’t shared by his friend and best man, Sean Parker:

“I haven’t got the heart to tell Tom but there’s no f***ing way we’ll be going to Prague!” he told us. “Britain’s got the highest number of virus cases in Europe so why the hell would the Czechs let us in? Don’t tell him but me and the the lads have already swapped our flights for one to Tenerife in November. I can’t wait. The weather’s still roasting at that time of year!”

Back with the groom-to-be, we asked whether Tom was also looking forward to his wedding in late August. He told our reporter:

“I can’t see it going ahead if I’m honest, mate. I mean, it’s only two and a half months away so the chances of everything getting back to normal seem remote. I daren’t say anything to my fiancée though. She’s in total denial about the whole thing.”