May 18, 2024

Middle-class woman worried she’s becoming a Kalms junkie

A middle-class lady from Hale in Cheshire is concerned that she’s developing a life-threatening addiction to the herbal stress-relief product, Kalms.

Jessica Roderick told NEWS of the NEWS: 

“I started to feel a little bit more stressed than usual earlier this year so I bought a packet of Kalms from my local Boots store to see if they’d help. At first I’d take one, maybe two tablets a day and they really seemed to take some of the edginess away but since then my dependency has spiralled out of control.”

She continued, tearfully:

“Most days I now take the maximum recommended number of Kalms but sometimes – and I’m struggling to admit this – I take one or two more than the label says you should. I occasionally wash them down with a glass of wine too. You can’t OD on Kalms can you because I’m genuinely worried that I’ve become a Kalms junkie? In fact I feel more stressed now than I did before I started taking them!”