February 29, 2024

Vegan at Christmas party waits 3 minutes before mentioning her dietary preferences, breaking previous world record

A woman from South London has set a new world record after waiting almost three minutes before telling a complete stranger about her animal-free diet.

Bethany Locke (26) was at her sister’s Christmas get together yesterday which, due to the government’s Covid rules, took place in the back yard of her terraced home in Clapham.

News of the News understands that Ms Locke, a committed vegan of almost four months, had decided to wait as long as was humanly possible before mentioning her diet and, in the moments afterwards, had wondered whether such restraint made her uniquely virtuous.

A spokesperson for The Guinness Book of Records told our reporters:

”It’s normally very difficult to validate such records given their very nature but in this instance the event was live-streamed via Facebook. We are therefore delighted to formally confirm that the pretentious bi… I mean Ms Locke, has indeed set a new benchmark, beating the previous record of two minutes thirty-seven seconds which was set by a smug cow… I mean, lady from Camden in 2017.”