April 24, 2024

Sleaze-ridden Tory government to take moral high ground when reviewing the BBC

The UK government is expected to announce sweeping reforms of the BBC once an ongoing review process has been concluded.

NEWS of the NEWS understands that those responsible for the review plan, without any sense of irony, to ensure that the nation’s oldest broadcaster abides by a strict ethical code of conduct in future.

Revelations regarding Martin Bashir’s 1995 interview with Princess Diana have further fuelled the government’s determination to ‘fix’ the BBC which, by complete coincidence, has often been accused of being ‘anti-Conservative’, ‘left of centre’ and ‘dangerously woke’.

A spokesperson for the government – whose leader, Boris Johnson, is currently the subject of numerous investigations into financial impropriety and who recently launched an inquiry into former Tory leader and Prime Minister, David Cameron – told our reporters that the review of the cherished broadcaster would be “fair and balanced” but that the Corporation would ultimately be “bludgeoned into shape once and for all”. When asked whether that would result in the BBC becoming a state-controlled media outlet that broadcasts content dictated solely by the government, he replied: “No… Well not yet anyway.”