May 18, 2024

Trump supporters have higher IQs, claims President

At a White House press conference yesterday, President Trump boldly speculated that his supporters were more intelligent than the average American.

He told reporters:

“Look, I think it’s an obvious thing to say. Many people, smart people, have told me that I’m probably the most intelligent person ever to be President of the United States. It makes sense that the people who vote for me and who come to my wonderful rallies are smarter than average too.”

Following further questions on the subject the President continued:

“You know, I’m not saying that they’re as clever as me, OK. That would be a ridiculous thing to say but these people are super, super bright and definitely much smarter than the people that vote Democrat.”

NEWS of the NEWS’s White House reporter asked the President why, if his supporters are so smart, were the signs they carried full of spelling errors such as the now infamous ‘Get a Brian, Morans’ placard that was recently featured in the media. A visibly irritated Trump responded:

“It’s sarcasm, OK? The same sarcasm that I was using when I suggested ingesting disinfectant. That sarcasm is like a code between me and my supporters that nobody else seems to understand, especially the fake news media. Probably because they’re too dumb.”

He added:

“I’ve met the guy who was carrying that sign and he’s real smart. A big NASCAR fan if I remember correctly. I met his wife and sister too and she was lovely.”